Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Update!

Hello guys here's a little update for ya. I'll be attending DragonCon Sept
1st and 2nd... Come by the artist alley and drop by my table. I'll be selling my new
sketchbook DEADLINES vol 2!!! I will also be promoting my new mini series
Wonder Girl. I will have a seek peek of the 1st issue as well!!!

Be sure to drop by your local comic shop and pick up the 1st issue of Wonder
Girl. It will drop Sept. 12. And if you are in South Carolina and the
surrounding areas you may want to drop by Heroes and Dragons that day.. I'll be signing the 1st issue there!!! Well... that's all for now... More really
cool news soon!!!

Also added the cover of Wonder Girl #3 to the "ARTWORK" Section, under "COVERS" on my website!


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